About us

Woodzist is a Canadian brand that positions itself not just as a business, but also as a conscious and responsible community. Sustainable development and environmental-friendly consumerism are the core values of our team.

At Woodzist, we use wood from olive trees in Tunisia that has come to the end of their natural productive life. Farmers need to replace old unproductive trees with younger, fruitful ones to maintain olive oil production and quality since it is their primary income source. Woodzist, buy these uprooted trees, and with the inspiration of our passionate artisans, we transform this timber into stunning pieces of art for your daily use.

Woodzist's contribution mainly supports farmers getting new trees, maintaining their olive oil production. Also, engaging artisan in this mission furthermore helping them provide for their families.

Woodzist offer a fascinating 100% natural handmade kitchen utensil and home decor that brings extra charm and an artistic fashion to your home.

We have faith in people, and we believe in the power of our actions.