Woodzist's Values

Eco-friendly cultivation

eco-friendly cultivation

The olive tree is historically associated with the Mediterranean climate. It is indifferent to the nature of the soil but requires mild and sunny weather. The olive tree tolerates drought. It even fears too much rain or excessive watering. 


 Sustainable Development

Sustainable development

Olive trees are evergreen crops cultivated in sustainable planting, which are strictly regulated by law in some countries. In Tunisia, the origin country of Woodzist products, uprooting an olive tree, is prohibited without governmental authorization.


Preserving the Tree

Economic value of olive treeThe economic values of olive trees are extensive, starting from the timber to the fruit and the oil, all widely favored in cuisines or even in cosmetic uses. However, the fruit's commercial importance and the tree's slow growth make the olive tree wood relatively expensive and rare. 


Woodzist Promises

Woodzist promises

At Woodzist, we select our olivewood products meticulously, and we ensure that the entire process from production, shipment, packaging to delivery are well-overseen. In harmony with our environmental-friendly consumerism values, Woodzist focuses on using only durable and reusable materials and discard irrelevant elements.

Nevertheless, Woodzist's goal will be achieved when we reach customers' satisfaction upon receiving our products.